Oratech enables you to sell via the web nad provides you with functionality that enables you to take control of your sales. Sales orders from the wev are imported into Oratech , picklists and delivery schedules ensure that accurate orders are fulfilled and printing on integrated labels facilitates the process.

The web Integration is simple and allows you freedom to subscrive to an unlimited amount of web sites like eBay, Amazon and ShoppingBank. You can publish defferent items to different websites and sites can be activated or deactivated at anytime.

Features of Oratech Web Integrations include:

  • Minimum Sales Unit
  • Different Selling Prices
  • Different Formats
  • Publish by Categories
  • Publish by Sub Categories
  • Publish by Suppliers
  • Publish Price Including / Excluding Tax
  • Exclude Categirues
  • Exclude Sub Categories
  • Multiple pictures
  • Tag New Items
  • Tag Special Items
  • Activate / Deactivate Web Site
  • Activate / Deactivate Item
  • Import Web Orders
  • Import Customers
  • Export Items
  • Export Categories
  • Export Sub Categories
  • Export Customers
  • Export Stock Levels
  • Limit Stock Availability per site

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