Keeping track of what and how you buy and from whom is an essential part of your business success. Maintaining your stock at the right level is easy with Oratech. Automatic notifications let you know when you reach a pre-determined level and auto filled purchase orders make reordering simple. The PO can then be emailed from Oratech straight to your supplier.

Receiving Goods In can be done with the mobile and your shelves will be replenished in no time at all.

Some other features of the Oratech Supply Chain process include:

  • Debit Note
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Supplier Payments
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Copy PO
  • Copy Debit Note
  • PO For Internal Usage
  • PO Requisition
  • Auto Populate PO
  • Create PO from Sales Orders
  • Auto Debit Note from GRN
  • Preferred Supplier
  • Suggest PO by MIN/MAX/REORDER Qty
  • Import Suppliers
  • Supplier Multiple Contacts
  • Keep Track of Supplier Communications
  • Attach Scanned document to Invoice
  • Import Contract Prices
  • Import Supplier Price List
  • Finalise and Settle Debit Note
  • Payment Batch
  • Print Supplier Label
  • Print Delivery Box Label
  • e-mail Suppliers
  • Receive Item in Units / Cases

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