With Oratech Solutions enquiry functionality, all the information that you painstakingly put into the system is at your fingertips without the need to run reports.

The enquiry screens are easy to use and from them you can generate duplicate documents like copy invoices etc. Day to day queries such as Sales History, Purchase History, Item History, Stock Movement and who is doing what on the system can be answered by quickly and easily.

Other examples of Enquiry functionality are:

  • Sales Invoice summary
  • Items In Locations
  • PO Summary
  • GRN Summary
  • Supplier Drilldown
  • Item Drilldown
  • Customer Drilldown
  • Item Search
  • Debit Note Summary
  • Item Count Summary
  • Item Movement summary
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Cashing Up summary
  • Item Transaction History
  • Supplier Invoice Summary
  • Intra Trade Statistics
  • Invoice Batch Audit
  • Item By Location Snapshot
  • Item cost Price History
  • Import Sub Categories
  • Price Check Points

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