Oratech System Admin gives you the flexibility to manage Oratech in the way you want to without the need for Oratech Support intervention. Your are in control of the look and feel of Oratech and its day to day admiinistration. Setting up a new member of staff, activating of deactivating system privileges or just monitoring who is doing what on the system are all functions available.

By having access to Oratech System Admin you can take control of the system and make changes immediately.

Some of the functions in System Admin are:

  • Compile Objects
  • Create Work List
  • Default Programs
  • Export Templates
  • Function Audit
  • Functions
  • Privileges/Granted Privileges
  • Import
  • Login Audit
  • Menus
  • Notification Manager
  • Printers
  • Profiles . Profile Values
  • Report Group
  • Responsibility
  • Run Process
  • Schedule Jobs
  • Schedule SetUp
  • Sequences
  • System controls
  • System Log
  • System Options
  • Terminals
  • UI Configuration
  • Upgrade/ Install
  • User / User Controls
  • Work List Maintenance
  • Clock In / Out Audit
  • FTP Sites

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