Oratech provides you with all the accounting functionality you need to run your business efficiently and effectively. Any document for example, invoices or credit notes can be emailed directly from the system and information is readily available in the form of summary screens and statements.

For companies importing and exporting, intra state reporting statistics will be of particular interest.

Some features of the Oratech Solutions Accountimng are:

  • Set up nominal codes
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Note
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Debit Note
  • Cash Book Report
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Daily Sales Invoice Summary
  • Purchase Invoice Summary
  • Customer Credit Limit
  • Customer Account Summary
  • Supplier Account Summary
  • Customer Statement
  • Supplier Statement
  • Creditors Report
  • List of Creditors
  • List of Debtors
  • Aging Analysis
  • Intra State Reporting Statistics

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