Using our advanced reporting features we have helped businesses go from loss into profit in under 6 months. By acting on information provided in our reports, such as slow selling items our customers have been able to release capital previously tied up in stock.

Oratech Reports are clear and easy to use and reflect the real time situation. Tables on screen can be exported to Excel spreadsheets and Item label printing are just two of the things that are made simple by Oratech.

Examples of standard reports available:

  • Supplier Items
  • Daily Customer List
  • Sales Invoice Summary
  • Daily Supplier List
  • Supplier Invoice Summary
  • Intra Trade Statistics Report
  • Stock Valuation
  • Item Grid
  • Best/Worst Selling Items
  • Item Transaction History
  • PO Summary
  • GRN Summary
  • Stock Take
  • Barcode Labels
  • Customer Labels
  • Supplier Labels
  • Cashing up Summary
  • Sales Invoice
  • Quotations
  • Purchase Order
  • Proforma
  • And many more
  • Customer Mail merge
  • Supplier Mail merge
  • Item Mail merge
  • Item Labels A4/A5/Peg
  • Export any data using wizard

  • Other reports can be supplied and developed on request.

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